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OK, so, here's the basic situation since I don't think anyone who reads this is on VO (and if you are please tell me your screen name): a couple months ago, a new user posted something about wanting to put on an MMD concert.  Everyone wrote them off as a troll, but after doing a small amount of investigation, they claimed to be affiliated with Shinji, who I then PMed on YT to figure out what was really going on.  And he replied last night... turns out this person was actually making a legitimate effort, but now that he realizes how much stolen content is on their site, Shinji's going to withdraw help from the person everyone thought was a troll.

So... on the one hand, I feel so guilty, because they were actually trying, and I probably just ruined everything.  And because the main reason I contacted Shinji in the first place was to hopefully give the mods a reason to lock the thread besides widespread suspicions of being a troll and sextuple-posting (as amusing as it would have been for that to be the reason the thread was locked and the OP banned).  On the other hand... I can't help but get the feeling that if Shinji had found out about this on his own, it probably would have been a lot worse.
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Well... since I've determined that the main issue with telling my best friend about the whole genderless thing is that I can't do it all at one time, I might as well practice the rest of it here...

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And... I think that's it? Or maybe I just put too much energy into that last part to actually remember what else I wanted to say OTL
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OK, so... anyone who follows my plurk (which will probably be everyone who reads this. I hope.) probably saw me talking about how I might be spamming K-Pop-related things more often due to family issues since I know that drowning myself in K-Pop helped the last time I went through a rough spot. Well... I think I should let you guys know what I meant by that, especially since it's started to actually effect me. And I chose such an adorable icon in case this gets too heavy and anyone needs something cute to stare at (and there isn't much that's more adorable than cartoon Taeyang, except real Taeyang. His face anyway, but that's severely off-topic). Also, if anyone's uncomfortable with mentions of suicide, don't read any further.

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I'm mainly posting this because I have no idea if any of these are actually taken in the VDR or not. Or were taken and for some reason it would be a bad idea for them to be taken over.
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I'll probably post a more formal introduction post later, I just really need to actually write this out somewhere...

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