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OK, so... anyone who follows my plurk (which will probably be everyone who reads this. I hope.) probably saw me talking about how I might be spamming K-Pop-related things more often due to family issues since I know that drowning myself in K-Pop helped the last time I went through a rough spot. Well... I think I should let you guys know what I meant by that, especially since it's started to actually effect me. And I chose such an adorable icon in case this gets too heavy and anyone needs something cute to stare at (and there isn't much that's more adorable than cartoon Taeyang, except real Taeyang. His face anyway, but that's severely off-topic). Also, if anyone's uncomfortable with mentions of suicide, don't read any further.

A few months ago, my dad's cousin started going through a divorce, and her husband killed himself Monday night. My parents told me a few hours after I got home on Tuesday. It really hasn't effected me until today because, between the trip to Philadelphia and waking up at 4:30 AM on Tuesday to be able to watch the MV for The Baddest Female before going to school, my sleep schedule was messed up and I was too tired to actually comprehend what happened. But, of course, on the day I finally realize how terrible the situation is, my dad left to go back to Philadelphia to be with the rest of his family. Which I understand, but I still miss him terribly... I really hope he come back before the end of the school year, but there's only one more week left, so that may not happen...

So, no matter where my fangirling ends up, hopefully you can all put up with it, because really what I need is a distraction. I'll probably be able to start to deal with this once my dad's back and school's over, but... for now, just try to bear with me.


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