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aurialle ([personal profile] aurialle) wrote2013-05-27 04:34 pm

Potential Muse List

I'm mainly posting this because I have no idea if any of these are actually taken in the VDR or not. Or were taken and for some reason it would be a bad idea for them to be taken over.
  • General!Aoki sisters
  • General!Macne sisters (Slight preference towards Petite)
  • Lord of Darkness!Len (I think it'd be fun to play a slightly snarky bat-boy since that seems to be what he is in pretty much every PV I've ever seen)
  • Not-song-related AU where the Macnes are (mostly?) unrelated humans in an idol group (I don't want to say IdolM@STER-style since I've never actually played those games, and really it was just more inspired by my wondering what the Macne brand would be like if that had been the marketing style rather than a family (and Papa would probably be the former idol who's now their manager or something similar)).
  • General!Miko Ooka
  • Private's Log!Gumi
  • One of the VanaN'Ice trio (treating all the trio songs + Room 13943 as a connected series)
  • Any Senyuu or Pokemon version of the general muses (I'd especially love to play Kuro as a hero and Shiro as a knight; and it's a really short anime if that seems like something another mun would like to join in on uwu (only 13 episodes and they're all 5 minutes)).